Selective memory of a dog trainer

Two days ago someone who was my cline a couple of years ago called me. Normally I save the clients by the name of their dogs so I saw that ‘Csipi’ is calling. The conversation was a typical one:

- Hi Kata, do you remember me?

- Of course I do! You have a beagle male called Csipi.


- He had some problems with walking on leash and escaped from the garden also, because there were big spaces between the parts of the fence.

- Exactly.

- He was a bit protective for his favourite toy, a blue stuffed elephant.

- Yes, it’s amazing, that you remember everything!

- It’s good to hear about you again David!

Long silence.

- My name is Balint.


Well… that’s me.

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A dog friendly place requires place friendly dogs

My dogs have a really important part of my life, so I’m lucky that I can take them to work, to my trips, to conferences, etc. In the last 15 years it’s getting easier to find a dog friendly place in Hungary, and this is great, but I also like humans, so I can accept if somewhere dogs are not allowed. I don’t like that point of view when dog owners say that everyone should accept that their dog sits on the seat on the train or goes to a shop with muddy paws, and licks their plate in the restaurant. I think that the dog should be a kind of polite visitor at a public place  - just as we all are.

So I take my dogs with me to work, but there are some unwritten rules that I follow. Here are the most important ones:

  • I never take all of my dogs with me to the school, it’s always just one of them
  • There are days when my dogs are waiting at home, because that’s the most comfortable for everyone
  • I have a dog (Morgan) who can be protective in certain circumstances. So she comes with me only if I’m sure that there are no kids in the building.
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Do you believe in vampires?

It’s always a great honour to get an invitation to a clinic or to a competition as a judge, so when I knew that I’m invited to Romania to a dogsport weekend for a dog-dancing clinic and a competition I said yes happily. It was the first weekend of October, which means that my usual September Catastrophe Series just finished, so I really needed some positive impressions. And as I knew that Sven and Bettina were also invited as disc dog trainers and judges, I was really looking forward of a weekend of fun. I was thinking about packing some garlic against vampires, but finally I’ve decided that probably I’m too old for them, so I’m not in a danger even in Transylvania.

My plan was to leave Budapest  on Friday around one o’clock: I had classes until twelve, a bit of paperwork,and that’s all. Well, the ‘bit of’ administration took two hours – I was never good at it, so I have to pay special attention not to create any administrative disaster. Finally I left Budapest around three, and because of this delay I took the Romanian part of the trip in dark. There is a national sport in Romania: when night falls everyone dresses in black and goes to take a bike ride on those roads where there are no street lights at all. I was sure that it’s just a matter of time for me to kill someone – to be honest I’m not sure if I did it. I hope not, but it was dark and rainy.

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Old problems, new challenges

September is a strange month.  The worst or most confusing things used to happen to me in September. The list of these things grew long and various during the years: accidents, lost or destroyed objects and relationships, wasted time and money, life changing events… So I was not surprised when it came out that a small injury I get during the turtle kennel project is not so small, it will last at least a month and I have to cancel a competition because of it. Now it’s getting better  slowly, but the real solution will be a surgery on my shoulder. It’s on me when so for sure not now but  as late as it’s possible. But definitely not in September.

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The turtle kennel project

While everyone is packing for the Worlds, I make myself busy at home. There was something that I was thinking about for years, but always found a good excuse not to start it… I have two red eared slider which grew big during the years, too big to live in comfortable in an aquarium. So I’ve decided to build a place outside for them. Of course I did not have any experience in home lakes, and of course I would to do it alone. I can not say that I’ve found the easiest way to do it, but that’s me.

Step 1. Buy the water tank. Plan it for weeks, choose the perfect one, buy it, and front of the shop realize that it’s too big to put in your car.

fotó 2

Step 2. Dig-dig-dig-dig-dig-dig, until this happens:


Step 3. Do you know what else can happen if you dig too much?

fotó 1

Step 4. Be happy that you did not buy an expensive airplane ticket to a competition where you could not compete because your throwing hand is twice as big as normally.

Step 5. Plants, water. And don’t forget the turtles.

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