Sally the Superdog

‘So’ the lady said sipping her cigarette ‘I explained she can make you happy by doing it. And she likes you enough to do it’.
It was our third lesson and the dog – a beautiful Setter – was definitely improving, but I was still fighting with the owner. It was not an open battle but a silent war of nerves.

The dog was about one year old and the owner bought her when the previous one passed away last year. She told me never-ending stories of the old Sally who must be a magical creature. Fortunately, she said, the new one is also an extraordinary one, so she needs special treatment during the trainings. Practically the dog was a really sweet puppy with big emotional eyes, and she mastered soon the special Setter look, which can melt even stones. My job was to teach her some basic obedience and show training, so it was an easy thing. Or at least with the dog.


I write this post mostly to avoid questions that I can’t answer now. After 11 funny, crazy, entertaining years today I let Morgan go. She deserved the best, and I’m happy that I could treat her properly and save her from a long and painful process, though it was not easy to decide at all.
Run free little Badger and thank you for everything.


Alternate use of Hyperflite discs

Are you depressed because of the end of competition season? You’ve got a lot of discs at home and can’t use them for some months? Here are some ideas what is a disc practical for.

You can use it as a nice fruit bowl:

To feed your pets:

To water your plants:

Disc placement is very important. This one is at the perfect place to avoid unpleasant visitors:

Another way to keep your privacy:

Perfect background for photoshooting, especially for pictures of small things:


Best decoration for family gatherings:

A disc can be a safe spot on the ocean of life:

And, by the way, your dog can play with it

Thinking of Florida

These pictures were taken 8 years ago. We’ve spent some days in Florida with disc dog friends, and we have a lot of funny, adventurous, moving memories from those days.

Our dogs playing with the waves on the Dog Beach.


Berian jumping from the balcony of the hotel (no picture, we were too busy to shoot at that moment).

Laughing at each other with Nora because accidentally we’ve dressed the same again.


Searching for gators and manatees all the time ang getting furious because locals said all the time that they are everywhere, and we haven’t seen any.


Receiving a coffee for free at a nice little restaurant because the owner is from Poland so we are almost siblings.

Realizing that the big brown bird walking through the parking area is not a chicken but a vulture.

Being amazed by nature all the time.


Making new friends on the beach explaining where on earth Hungary is (‘Oh, so you are from Hungary? So you are Dutch, aren’t you?’)

How long can a dog remember?

I stopped the engine front of a house and saw a big dog running towards my car. He was there in ten seconds and as I opened the door was jumping on me happily. I was a bit surprised but I don’t have any problems with too friendly Golden Retrievers so I just hugged him and tried to remove the dog hair from my eyes and mouth. As I looked up I saw a human with an other dog – as they came closer I saw that I know them for years, they live nearby an it was their normal daily walk. After greeting each other the girl explained that the big friendly dog is also with her. It’s the dog of a friend and she takes care of him while the family is abroad for a couple of weeks. We tried to talk about other things too but it was impossible because the huge dog was still happily jumping on me. The girl apologized and said ‘Teddy, stop it, and SIT’. And that was the moment I suddenly understood everything.