Human plans, cat decides

To live with pets is just like to live in a cartoon. Here is a great example that my ideas and their ideas can meet on a strange way. The bed is covered because I don’t like cat hair on the pillows and blankets:

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I don’t drink for about three years, but on Tuesday I was thinking for a moment that maybe I’m drunk and I see double. When I’ve entered to the supermarket I left one dog outside, but a couple of minutes later I found two, sitting next to each other and waiting for me. One was Morgan, but the other small and furry creature was completely new for me. Anyway she was really happy to see me, and came with us home, although I tried to send her away. But she just did not care, walking next to Morgan with the whole confidence of his twenty centimetres height.

Entering to the house I was a bit worried how will my boyfriend react. He likes animals but to live with me means a permanent challenge of patience. To tell the truth  being a musician he has his own weird passion. Last week he adopted a poor accordion which  was neglected by the previous owner…  so we are not SO different. When I told him the story of the dog which was bouncing and barking at the background he asked: ‘and will we keep it?’ It was a real temptation but I was sure that someone missed this cute puppy so the only thing that we could do was to find the owner as soon as possible.

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Three groups – three different worlds



I was not sure if I would like to write a post like this. But when a cute five years old girl told me after our last class this year: “Your dog is beautiful and smart. Where can I buy one and how much is it?’ , I felt that I want to show that something is not OK in some families. And I’m not talking about poor and abused children… This year I was so lucky that I had three groups for pet assistant classes. The difference between the groups is striking, and I tend to make some conclusions that are not for those parents who can give everything to their children.

The first group is in a special school in Martonvasar. Six children altogether, between six and eighteen years. They can not speak and three of them can not walk. For them a class with the dog means making useful exercises on a new, more interesting way. It’s amazing how curious, opened and friendly they are. They are really nice persons, if it’s possible to say about someone who can communicate only on his own special way. And there is something magic about the level of concentration and attention during that fifty minutes that we spend together. They really try to do everything to make a partnership with the dog, and if one of them has to wait while the other one is working, he remains involved by following everything that is happening. It’s a hard work for them, and so for the dog, but they really like each other.

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Selective memory of a dog trainer

Two days ago someone who was my cline a couple of years ago called me. Normally I save the clients by the name of their dogs so I saw that ‘Csipi’ is calling. The conversation was a typical one:

- Hi Kata, do you remember me?

- Of course I do! You have a beagle male called Csipi.


- He had some problems with walking on leash and escaped from the garden also, because there were big spaces between the parts of the fence.

- Exactly.

- He was a bit protective for his favourite toy, a blue stuffed elephant.

- Yes, it’s amazing, that you remember everything!

- It’s good to hear about you again David!

Long silence.

- My name is Balint.


Well… that’s me.

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A dog friendly place requires place friendly dogs

My dogs have a really important part of my life, so I’m lucky that I can take them to work, to my trips, to conferences, etc. In the last 15 years it’s getting easier to find a dog friendly place in Hungary, and this is great, but I also like humans, so I can accept if somewhere dogs are not allowed. I don’t like that point of view when dog owners say that everyone should accept that their dog sits on the seat on the train or goes to a shop with muddy paws, and licks their plate in the restaurant. I think that the dog should be a kind of polite visitor at a public place  - just as we all are.

So I take my dogs with me to work, but there are some unwritten rules that I follow. Here are the most important ones:

  • I never take all of my dogs with me to the school, it’s always just one of them
  • There are days when my dogs are waiting at home, because that’s the most comfortable for everyone
  • I have a dog (Morgan) who can be protective in certain circumstances. So she comes with me only if I’m sure that there are no kids in the building.
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