We’ll miss you Dr Doolittle

Normally I don’t post really personal things here but now I’ll make an exception. Not because I’m sad and feel a bit lost, but because at the same time I’m proud that I knew him.

When we met first he came with her daughter to the dog school. Then after a few meeting this official contact transformed to a friendship. He was our vet, and was with me in a lot of strange, funny and heartbreaking situations. I knew that I could call him anytime, even in the middle of the night, and simply his voice could calm me down. When we discovered that Netty (my old Border Collie) had cancer he called me five times per a day just to check how is she and helped us till the very last moment. He was following all of my stupid adventures and commented them with spicy humor. It was completely natural to him that he arrived home after a long day and found me with my dogs in his flat eating tons of sweets with his daugther. Once I asked him to make expensive examinations on one of my cats because he was drinking a lot of water and I thought that it should be a kidney problem. After all those tests he called and told me: ‘By the results the main problem is that your cat is seriously….. thirsty’.

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Four-legged teachers

Springtime is here. You wake up and the sun is shining, you can hear the birds early in the morning, the plants raised to life again – and it’s time for programs which are connected to nature, including dog assistant classes. I’m always happy to visit schools and nurseries and show the children a glimpse of the amazing world of dogs.

This year Goblin had started her job as an assistant pet. She is still learning, so normally I take her with Moss, and she is involved in simplier exercises.  It’s really interesting to see how different they are. Moss is a perfectionist and really goal-orientated, likes to solve problems. She tries to think forward and reacts extremely fast. Because of this she has to make an effort  to slow down to the level of the children and to focus on them even if they think a lot or are a bit shy. Sometimes we manage a ‘competition’ when the dog and a child are running on parallel obstacle fields. This is the absolute favorite exercise of Moss. I have to slow her down as much as I can because she is competitive and really would to win :)  As most of the Border Collies she doesn’t like monotony so if we have to repeat something more than three times she gets bored and tries to bring a bit of swing to the class, which is always funny, but I have to stop it of course.

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Out of control

Last year I did not have time and money to compete, so now I’m really with withdrawal symptoms. In my case it causes interesting reactions… I’ve just sent my entries to three different competitions in three different countries – at the same long weekend. So the plan is: 1st of May Germany, 3rd of May Austria, 4th of May Italy. Of course I’ll go alone, there is no other person who would to travel all over Europe with three dogs. But to tell the truth I don’t mind, I like to travel on my own. And if you have a pack of dogs, you are never alone, aren’t you?

So see you soon in Germany, Austria and Italy at the same time :) If any of you would to get anything from Hungary feel free to let me know, my enormous car is ready to be packed fully.


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Hungarian Hachiko

Everyone knows the moving story of the famous Japanese Akita who was waiting for his owner at the station for years. But he was not the only one. Last week a dog appeared in the news here in Hungary with a very similar story.

Beni is not as beautiful as Hachi was. He is just an old mix breed dog, who lives on the street for more than a decade. When he was young he was a dog of a pastry chef, the lived in the 16th district of Budapest. But 12 years ago the owner died, and Beni stayed alone. In a couple of days some officers sent the dog away from the house. But Beni could not leave the place where he was happy once. He became a street dog but returned to the house every day – and he still has this habit after 12 years. Everyone knows him and a lot of people tried to adopt him. He is friendly with people, accepts food and any help but doesn’t want a new owner. Now he is vaccinated, has a microchip and he always has something to eat thanks to those dog lovers who live in that neighborhood. But he is still living on the street and visiting the old house every day, waiting for someone who will never appear there.

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Just a walk…

I’ve spent the first day of spring at an event for dogs. Talking about me it’s nothing special… but believe me, it WAS special this time. Organized by an association called ‘Ebarvahaz’, it was a day for shelter dogs. You could take them for a walk and spend some time with them, just to make their day. And you can learn a lot about yourself through them. After 17 years with dogs I’m still amazed every time how patient and human-focused they are and I feel honored somehow to be in touch with such interesting and great animals.

He was my favorite:


He is 9 years old, perfectly trained and beautiful. He was an active gun dog for years. But time passed and he slowed down – so the owner bought a new dog for work, and didn’t want to have an old and useless one. So Labanc now is waiting for an owner who can make his last years happy. Honestly, it was hard not to take him home, he is such a cutie. I hope someone will fall in love with him soon.

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