Puppies, puppies everywhere

Somehow these weeks I have more puppy clients than before. I don’t know what happened: normally people buy dogs at summer not at winter, but it seems this year everyone is a bit impatient and doesn’t want to wait :) I’m really happy about it, it’s great to work with puppies, it’s a lot of fun! Today I had a Dachshound and a Lab puppy and now I’m a bit overloaded by cuteness.


You can ask: why do you need a trainer for a puppy? The answer is: this is the best moment to teach the human of the dog how to be the best owner for his new four-legged partner. A dog trainer can help them to know each other, to set up the rules at home, to discover how interesting is to do things together. Personally I don’t like difficult obedience trainings for puppies: of course they are open and curious so they can learn anything, but this doesn’t mean that they have to do it… they need a lot of time to rest, to try things on their own speed and summarize the experiences on their own way. It can be annoying that the other puppy in the neighbourhood knows already fifteen tricks while yours is just learning the basic things, but not every dogs are the same – nor the owners.

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Are all dogs the same?

For a while I gave up to support show breeding. This means that I’m not a member of any kennel club, I don’t participate dog shows, not even as a fun program between the official elements. I don’t want to give a lot of money for a dog breeder to get a puppy. I have a show dog and I love her, she is just great –  my problem is not the dogs, but some breeders. Or more exactly: those principles that the breeders must follow if they would to participate any events and if they would a good pedigree for their puppies.

Let me show you something.

In FCI breed standards there are 3-4 sentences of every parts of a dog’s body. The temperament or behaviour is mentioned also in 3-4 sentences. This practically means that reading the breed standard you can learn more about the head of the dog than about its nature.

Here are three descriptions from breed standards. Guess which breeds are these:


Being good natured, placid and fond of children in basic disposition, he is very devoted, obedient, biddable and eager to work. His appearance is natural and rustic, his behavior self assured, steady and fearless. He reacts to his surroundings with great alertness.

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Let’s help to help

My workplace is not an ordinary one. It’s a small high school for drop-out kids, and because of our special clients everything is a bit different there than in a normal school. There is always place and time for any activities which can be useful or interesting for the children. Knowing this  I said yes for the cautious question of my friends when they called me if we can help them in the training program of their dogs. They needed a noisy, crowded place where a lot of people can touch the dogs. A high school is perfect for this, and my colleagues and students are already trained by my dogs, so it was obvious that everyone said yes immediately.

Our kids are normally those ones who need help. Sometimes kind words are enough to comfort them, but in some cases they are in real danger that they can’t handle alone.  Because of this it was a very important experience: this time they could help to someone, suddenly they were useful and competent. It was really good to see that it meant a lot for them.

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Too much happiness

Jenny – this is not her real name, but let’s call her like this now – is a 9 years old westie. She spent her whole life in a kennel, since her breeder realized that Jenny is not a good show dog, because she is too shy. Once she had a litter, but due to some complications that was the end of her career in breeding. She lived there forgotten by the world, but one day her life turned upside down: she was adopted by a really nice lady, who just lost her old dog and was looking for an adult westie. Jenny suddenly found herself in a flat in Budapest, she could sleep in the bed, she had a lot of toys, she could walk three times per a day. And that was the moment when she collapsed: she could not handle the whole thing. Her life just became too happy somehow, too happy to believe and to live it without fear.


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Save a…

Do you know the feeling when you see a poor lonely creature, and you want to help somehow? Of course you can not adopt all of the things of the world, but it’s possible to take them home just for a couple of days until you find a new owner for them. The main problem if that the new owner is also you…

Probably we are oversensitive, but as time passes we are adopting accidentally more and more things, not only animals, but…

Let me show some of them to explain it better.


This is an obvious example. Morgan is from a dog shelter, we put some advertisements to find her a good owner. Every time my phone was ringing I was in panic that someone will take her… So she became our third dog in a flat on the 4th floor, and still one of the biggest loves of my life.



Yep, both of them. One was half dead on the street, the other one I removed directly from the mouth of a dog. They were kittens hat time. Now they are ten and nine years old. Do you think that I’ll keep them?

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