Holiday season ON

What could happen if you give an empty suitcase to a dog trainer?

Some are happy to pack themselves:





Some find the whole thing a bit suspicious



But who wants to stay at home this weekend? There will be two important doggie event that we’ll participate.  So it’s better to be sure that we have everything that we’ll need




Oh, and we should not forget to take some dogs!



Oh my…


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Do it yourself

First of all: thank you everyone who offered me a photoshooting after my complains. I have a temporary solution thanks to my students. As you probably know I work with teenagers. Most of them are in love with their cellphones, and they are taking selfies all the time. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s annoying, but anything happens, at least one of them appears with a phone and shoots a selfie immediately. So I’ve decided to show them that I can be trendy even if I’m old. And who knows,  maybe I can create a new genre… let’s try it! (don’t worry, this is the last post like this, I hate to show pictures of myself)

If you would to express that you are a real inntellectual (or at least you can read…), just show a shelfie to the world:


And what about a selfish? Do I look selfish?


I know that it’s not healthy, but here is a hellfie:


And a coffie:

FullSizeRender (2)

Today it’s Sunday, so this one would be better on a weekday, but I’ve tried to shoot a traffie (on the way to Varosliget to meet… but you’ll see)

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The most important steps of building a new routine

Did you hear a track and you have a great idea for a dog-dancing or a freestyle routine? Let’s work on it!

The first step to watch a lot of videos in the style that you want to represent. After two days you are sure that every 5 years old kid does it better than you, and you are too old/fat/short for the moves that you are interested in. This is the correct moment to start.

Although your dog knows a lot of tricks, you will not be able to use them for the new choreography. So you start to teach new ones. After the first training your back and even your face is covered by scratches, and from the next day in the moments when you are alone you practice how to spit treats backwards over your shoulder.

You imagine the perfect clothing. This means shopping of course that leads to the conclusion that you are too old/fat/short to dress like that.

You have the plan of the choreo finally. You can do it perfectly without the dog, but as soon as you try to practice with your four-legged partner it does not work. It also goes well with dog but without music. You can even imagine that the dog could do a pretty nice performance without you.

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Is it worth a thousand words?

Somehow in the last two weeks I was twice in the same situation: they’ve asked some photos of me. The first one was just a picture, nothing more, and I said ok thinking that it can not be so difficult to find one. Well, it is, if I need a picture that there is just me and no dogs.

This is for example a normal party pic:


 And a holiday shot by the sea:


That’s me, working:


OK, on this I’m in the nature and there is no dog visible, but…


For the other stuff I needed some pictures with one of my dogs. That’s easier, but I’ve found some that would need a longer explanation what’s going on exactly there.

Check these:




And here is a proof that I don’t really need a partner to look strange at a competition:


But don’t think even for a minute that my dogs are better. I can be really proud of them…




It seems that it’s time to take some pictures. Real ones, I mean.

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Dear famous show breeder,

Now that you are well-known in some countries and everyone can see your success, I feel a bit strange about the whole thing – maybe it’s my fault that I’m still at a level that you’ve already left to replace it with something else.  But it was not such a long time ago when we’ve had the same hobby and lifestyle. I remember how did it started, but do you remember?

Do you remember how long did you save money to buy your dream dog?

Do you remember how was to get up early in the morning and arrive to the dog school after a Saturday night party?

Do you remember that you went everywhere with your dog and used to walk for hours with him?

Do you remember the first litter? The sleepless nights when you were just watching the puppies? That you would to keep all of them, and you followed their life even after years?

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