Achilles, heel!

I just simply love to build  a beautiful heelwork as a trainer. You know that type of heelwork when the dog looks like a sticker on your leg and your trousers are always dirty on the same spot because of the permanent body contact.


I was sure I know exactly how to do it – and then Goblin has arrived to our life.

Suddenly I had a dog with very high drive and very short legs. That’s an interesting combination. I’m sure that every terrier owner knows what happened at the first heelwork lesson. Yes, you are right: a jumping dog that bites off your fingers everytime when reaches them.  At that Goblin has a very short and strong neck with wide shoulders, and because of this it’s very uncomfortable, almost impossible for her to keep the optimal eye-contact position. For a long time the best that we could achieve was this:


Save me from my dog and pay for it

These weeks I’m checking more frequently “dogs for sale” and ‘dogs to rehome’ advertisements.  By scanning the most popular sites you can discover that the ads have their own secret language. I think now I have enough experience to decode them and share the hidden contents with you.

Here are some expressions with a bit of help how to read them.

‘Due to family reasons’

My husband said or the dog or him


‘Very playful’

I can’t sleep at night because the dog covers the bed with random objects and barks to my face


‘Only to a flat’

It’s a fence climbing champion


‘Stufersire terrier for sale’

I don’t have the slightest idea what do I have in the backyard, but I need the money


‘The mother is a border collie and the puppy looks like his mother’

At least five males were in our garden in those two weeks and I have no idea which one was the winner


‘With unique coat color’

It’s black and tan with brindle spots on his back


About exclusive Hyperflite disc sponsorship

Yesterday Skyhoundz published a new exclusive disc policy. It explains that from 1st of July on Skyhoundz competitions you can use Hyperflite products, as Hyperflite is the main sponsor of these events. You can see the details here. Since yesterday I received some messages and phone calls and I read some comments about this decision, so I think it’s easier to explain here what do I think about this. I  can understand that it was important from the point of view of Hyperflite, and I don’ t agree with those that see it as a tragedy.

My favorites were those who complained that from now on they have less chances to win, because they can throw only with other disc types. I have the privilege to know some World Champions personally. They can play with anything (including plates, cap of Pringles chips, and any other flat and round objects). If your success depends on the  brand sticker of your disc, maybe you need to practice more.

As envious as a… cat

One day my black and white cat Nyápic arrived home with one eye inflamated. I called  Dalma, our brand new vet immediately. It was a typical conversation: ˜do you work today?“No, so you can come anytime`. After a quick checkup we received some anti-inflamatory and good advices. I was not really happy: this cat is a huge one, about 8 kilos, and to put drops into his eyes twice a day was a real challenge.

This happenned on Friday. Sunday night Dalma wrote me on chat asking about the cat. Until that I received some nice bleeding scratches already, but his eye was the same. So we agreed that we’ll need an X-ray.

Next morning everything became visible. Nyápic had an abscess in his mouth, and the inflamation had an effect on his eye. He was operated, and we received a lot of antibiotics in capsules. I hope you can feel my pain: drops and capsules, twice a day…

Unusual birthday party of an unusual family

My beloved Granny turned  78 this week. She deserves something special since she is someone special 🙂 She was the person in my life who always supported me in my weird interests in all kind of living creatures. She is that type who sees a spider and cries aloud: ‘Eeeek, a spider! I want to pet him!’

I think we found the perfect place for her. There is a place in Budapest called Zoo Café. You are surrounded by animals there, and when you order a coffee or a cake you can also tell the waiter to bring a lizard, a snake or a hedgie.

Here is a glimpse of the atmosphere:


And this is my grandmother ordering a chameleon:


‘There is a knot here, looks really untidy’ (the snake was a bit excited spotting the guinea pig at the next table):


‘Stay at the table while the others are still eating!’


Meanwhile up there…


‘You have to eat a lot of vegetables because it’s healthy’