Get the wheels turning

It’s all because of Facebook. Some years ago there was a game: you receive a number from a friend and you have to share as many secrets or fun facts about yourself as the number says. I’ve received 10 (thx Sven). Last year this post appeared as a FB memory on my wall and I found it funny enough to re-share it. Thanks to this everyone realized that I’ve never ridden a bicycle. It was in November but since that I was listening to comments about this all the time – so suddenly I thought: why not?
OK, I’m in a delay about 35 years, but bicycle is a human invention for humans, I’m a human, so there is no reason not to believe that I can learn it.

Fortunately I live in a perfect place with a long yard, so I could start it at home alone without spectators and helpers. Well, not exactly. There are some who are always ready to help.

‘Hi, do you want to go somewhere?’


‘Forget it’


Therapy dog training

I’m sure every teacher knows this feeling. Although I really like my job I could hardly wait a bit of school break just to enjoy some luxury like sleeping, eating normal food instead of sandwiches and having fun with friends. Unfortunately (or not) some of them are deeply involved in dog stuffs. So it’s not a surprise that suddenly I found myself on a precious free Monday in a dog school early in the morning as an assistant of a therapy dog training. I took Moss as a ‘disturbing dog’ and she did a great job being as disturbing as she could. One of the participants just bought a Border Collie puppy, her face was priceless as she had a glimpse of the happy future 3:)

Luna, Mila and Mocca are very close to become a real therapy dog. Here you can see some of the things that they have to know. It’s pretty difficult, isn’t it?

A bit of obedience: ‘stay’


Meet a stranger with a dog. Dogs should be relaxed and friendly, no aggression is allowed.


Wheelchair test


How to be like anyone else

I used to think of myself as someone who loves dogs but also has other fields of life. So now that I’ve published a book that is not dog-related I was very proud of myself. OK, my tenrec is on the cover (backstage moments of photoshooting are here) but anyway finally it’s something HUMAN. So I could hardly wait the official book demo event.

Then in the morning of the D-Day I’ve received a message from a friend: ’Is the place dog-friendly? Sorry, but my dog has a wound on her paw and can’t let her alone at home because she wants to remove the bandage all the time’. OK, one small dog in a corner can’t disturb anyone. And she is injured, poor thing. I couldn’t say no.

Some hours later when I’ve finished my daily job in the school and was about arriving to the bookstore: another message, this time from my vet. ‘I think I’ll go with a rescue Chihuahua. But it’s very cute. Ant BTW it’s a chance for her to find a new owner, maybe there’s someone who wants a dog’.

Beauty tips for dog trainers

Is it possible to be a dog trainer and to be attractive at the same time? Of course not. Here are some experiences of the last twenty years that could be helpful anyway.


#1. You’ll need two wardrobes to separate your shapeless waterproof things with huge pockets from sexy party clothes. Try not to mix them.
Nice try. Now try it again.

#2. Before you leave the house for some other business than dogs check the following things on your outfit:
– no boots or sport shoes
– no leash around your shoulders
– no stinky dog treats in your pockets
– no paw prints on your back

#3. Open a separate bank account to save money for car wash.

#4. Every men will envy you for your biceps and admire you because you can open any bottles or cans with one twist. But think twice to wear a sleeveless top if you don’t want to look like Popeye.

#5. Long skirts are elegant and helpful to cover all the scratches on your legs.

#6. Never go anywhere without a fur remover roller.

When your friend is a vet

One of my best friends is my vet. She knows a lot about my crazy and weird life, and she is not an average person either. Normally both of us are busy but we are in daily messenger contact anyway. I show you now some of our conversations so you can see why do I love her so much.

Because she lives for her job:
D:… and then I found myself in the kitchen at six a.m. in an emergency situation with a hamster.

Because I can rely on her:
Me: May I tell you something personal?
D: Of course. You know I will be your younger friend who is always there to bring your teeth in a glass

Because she’s got special personal problems:
D: He is cute.
Me: How many dogs did you tell him about?
D: All the four.
Me: And is he still interested?
D: Very much.
Me: Marry him!

D: I think I like this guy. He said he used to cry on a movie when they kill the dog.