Dancing in the moonlight

When I’ve packed my things on Saturday afternoon  I posted this on Facebook:

‘ Guess what is my plan for tonight I’m packing my bag right now, and it contains:

a black and a purple dress

a bottle of coke

a bottle of water

some sausages


headset for my phone

luminous bracelets

paper and pen

Yes, I’ll use everything for sure. So, what do you think, where do I spend the night?’

My friends knew the answer immediately.  It was a dog-dancing competition, but this time a special one, because it started at the evening and finished at night. It was mostly about fun, but was also a good opportunity for me to try some new things. With Moss I prepared a really simple Heelwork to Music routine. Until now we’ve competed only in freestyle, but with time it was more and more difficult to plan a routine which is challenging enough for her. So I thought that with some new heelwork position I can make her more focused. Aaaaaand it seems that it works, so from now on we’ll work on our heelwork. Some of you could say that it’s not worth to teach new things to a 9 years old dog, but I really believe that it keeps her fit, and as long as I can see that she likes it I’ll do everything to make her happy and active.

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Sous le ciel de Paris

Sometimes I act like a normal human being. For example I go to holidays without my dogs. It’s strange, isn’t it?

When I was in Paris for the first time in my life I was twenty and I was in love, so it was just perfect. Since that I’ve visited the place several times, sometimes to visit family members, once with a friend, and the city showed always a different face. This time I was with my mother. We are really similar in a lot of things but she has her own specialities. If you know what I mean:

joga_piramide _inversee1

Don’t be surprised, it’s a perfectly normal thing for her, since she is a yoga teacher. Our project during the five days was to take pictures of different yoga positions front of famous buildings. You can see  all of the photos soon on her own blog.


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How can a dog just disappear?


This week I’ve got really bad news: Baba is lost. She is a dog that I’ve trained especially for a little girl to helpful her in everydays, a beautiful and really friendly landseer. This Tuesday the family left without the dog for a couple of hours, and when they arrived home that afternoon Baba was nowhere. As we knew later some workers have seen her around twelve o’clock on the street, but after that there were no sign of the dog anymore. We put advertisements all over the neighborhood, there were interviews with the owners at a TV and a radio channel, we are still asking everyone, the Facebook is full of pictures of Baba, but no results at all.  It’s kind of unbelievable. If something happened to her, someone would find her for sure, and she is too big to hide for long without noticing. The only possible explanation is that she is with someone in a house. If it’s like that, I hope that sooner or later a vet will see her and check her microchip. I don’t want to give up: she and her little owner are not complete without each other.

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Just Italy

June is always  a nightmare if you are working in a school. Exams, nervous kids and parents and never-ending  paperwork. So I was happy to escape for a weekend to do something else. And Italy is the perfect place for having fun: country of ice cream, coffee and… well… Italians, if you know what do I mean.

Normally I prefer to travel alone, but this time we’ve chosen to go together three of us,  it was more practical in every sense. With Edina we’ve travelled already around the World, and if she is there it’s a guarantee for strange things to happen. The third one was Jozsi who was invited as a judge, and we didn’t want to let him drive because of his health problems, so this was the easiest way to save him from himself. In the morning I was working, so Edina and Jozsi came to the school at noon and we left directly from there. The trip was OK, we’ve arrived around the planned time. The only thing that made me a bit nervous that Jozsi would to take selfies all the time, and he thought that the best way for it is to put his phone out of the window at 140 km/hrs and take pictures from outside. This is one of the moments when he was satisfied with himself and I was shouting ‘ stop it and close the window’

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What do clients deserve?

A couple of days ago someone called me for help. She bought a Havanese puppy some weeks ago, but this is her first dog and she is worried that things are not going on the right way. As she explained the dog is scared of people sometimes, and it’s hard to control because he has his own ideas about everything. Sounds typical, so I had already a picture in advance when I arrived to the first meeting.

I was REALLY surprised. There was an extremely cute four months old little dog, wagging his tail and jumping up friendly. When I asked the owner to show what did they achieve together until now, it turned out that the dog can sit, stay, bring back his ball, comes back for the first call, doesn’t touch the food without  permission, and knows the heel position. And he did everything happily just for fun. It was just good to see.

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