September spleen

There is something about September. For some years it is my disaster month: in these four weeks I have more troubles than in the rest of the months all together. There were Septembers where I killed computers one after the other. Some years I had weird accidents. There was a September when we travelled to  the Worlds with three dogs: Moss had an overheating problem, Berian jumped off the balcony of he hotel and Zsizsik was lost for a day. Las year I had to spend a lot on my car plus I had a mysterious inflammation in my arm that lasted until the first week of October. This year is I was mostly fighting with bureaucracy and paperworks: papers of my car, my official projects and my private life. Because of these I had to cancel a project that I was preparing for all summer, and with this step I disappointed some people who I I really didn’t want to… I still feel guilty because of it but I didn’t have any other choice at that moment. I disconnected some people because of complete disagreement in politics (maybe you know from the news what was going on in Hungary this summer). One morning the plug of the washing machine simply melted due to a sudden electric problem. And that afternoon when the postman brought a bill that practically was impossible to pay at the moment, I’ve just started to laugh hysterically instead of crying… I was really counting the days of the month.  Some years ago one of my friends found out that he will organise thematic programs for himself for every months,so he had an ‘abrandos aprilis’ (daydreaming April), a ‘mosolygo majus’ (smiling May), etc. With this logic there is no doubt that I had a s.cking September again… As a last happy moment of it on the very last day, when I thought that nothing could happen we didn’t close a door carefully when we left and the dogs could enter to the room where the dogfood is. At the evening I found three furry balloons instead of my dogs. Aaaargh… Fortunately it’s October already, and I hope it will be an Ordinary October. It starts on a really promising way, but this is an other post :)

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Fast and furious

It seems that my love for every living creature just arrived to a next level. Maybe you know that I have a lot of pets. Not only dogs, but cats, turtles, fish, bunny, tenrec and snails. Yep, snails. The giant African ones. Actually they are the best pets ever.  They can eat anything: mostly vegetables, but they are also happy about dog food, fish flakes, leftovers of fruits, and if you don’t pay attention to close the tank carefully, they can eat even some important letters and notes on the desk. They are not noisy. You can keep even hundreds of them and you don’t need a lot of space for it. They look funny with those cute eyes. And there is a huge variety of African landsnails in different shapes and colours, they are just so beautiful! The only problem is something that I experienced already with dogs: one is not enough. I realized that I’m hooked when I was a member of five different international forums already and I was discussing obsessively about the ideal type of soils. But the worst just happened: to discover a species that you fall in love and buy some baby snails from abroad for I-will-not-tell-you-how-much. But now I’m the first one in Hungary who owns Limicolaria Martensiana. Ok, this doesn’t mean anything, but makes me happy 😀 And you should admit, that they are cute:

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Why did the chicken cross?

This week I spent three days at a training. On the last day around midday I had a phone call from home: “everything is fine here, but Goblin killed a pigeon”. I could imagine how does the whole thing look like, so a sudden wave of worry and guilt ran through of me – this is the first time that I asked S. to take care of the animals, and he has this unexpected problem now… But his voice was calm, and he said that he just would to inform me, and things are under control.

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A bit more about Hungary

Guess which post was the most popular one here in the last seven years. This one. The comments show the most important feature of Hungarians: they take themselves too seriously. To make peace I’ve decided to show some parts of Hungary that I’ve visited in the last two weeks. These are not parts of the famous ‘tsikosh-gulash-puszta’-feeling nor as famous as  the architecture of Budapest, but it’s worth to visit them.

Hungary is practically a flat place, the highest point of the country is just 1014 meter. If we want to see real mountains we have to go to Austria, Slovenia or Slovakia. But even if we don’t have snowy peaks, there are some extremely beautiful mountain forests. Look at this:


The tiny black spot in the middle is S., who is a man of average height – like this you can imagine how do these trees look like.  The picture was taken at Paradsasvar, which is a nice small village in Matra surrounded by forests like this.

This summer is extremely hot in Hungary, so if we would to escape from the sun  the best is to find a place under the trees. This place is next to Budapest on the Buda side:

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They say that the world  is changing at every seventh years. I don’t really believe in this, but I have to admit that seven years ago a lot of   things happened to me. 2008 changed in my life in different terms: I lost someone who was important for me and I found others who are still with me as friends, helped me to take decisions or made me re-think my principles. An yep, I started to write a blog… I have to say thank you to Hyperflite for this special opportunity, you don’t know guys how much did you give me with this idea. Since that I have two other blogs in Hungarian, one about my job and one for my poems and short stories. But this one will always be the ‘one and only’. I don’t know what will happen to me in the next seven years, but one thing is for sure: you’ll be informed about everything here :)

To celebrate I’ve changed the text of ‘About Kata’ in the main menu. The old one you can find as the very first post here: introduction

Happy 7th to us!


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