Why do you need pets in a classroom?

They can help to concentrate


They can bring us luck at tests


They are useful as living carpets



They are interested in geography


They participate happily in conferences


They have great sense of arts


And it’s good to relax with them at the end of a difficult day


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Does the size really matter? ;)

There are some evergreen topics in disc dog world, and now I’ve found one of them again browsing on FB. I didn’t want to comment there, I think it’s worth a post even  if I can lose some readers because of it :)

This time the discussion was about Microdogs and the new rules about height. Last year I’ve seen some competitors fighting for millimetres, and to tell the truth it made me sad, because I felt that the dog was nowhere in these discussions, it was just about winning a competition or not.

The field is the same for every size. To throw shorter or longer is just a decision. The dog doesn’t care if he wins or just participates, he has fun on the field. So I tend not to believe those who says that to enter in Micro is better for the dog. It’s on us to build a routine which is challenging but still healthy to our four-legged partners, but this is true in any divisions. I know that it’s easier to win with a Border Collie if you run against Bulldogs and Chihuahuas, and there is more chance to get a qualification like this. I know that to go to a Qualifier is a lot of time and money and we like to get something for our money. I like to get friends and new connections for example, and experiences on different fields and advices from others who are involved to the sport for decades. I could lose  most of these if I would enter to Micro division with a Border Collie. For me it’s not worth, and I don’t like to see if the only thing that matters to someone is to get a paper that he is better than others.

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Respect to India

My mother just came back from a longer trip in India. She said that she took a couple of pictures for me about dogs there. I expected sad stray dogs living in the garbage or something like that – to tell the truth I don’t know much about how is an average dog life there, I just have some memories from documentaries. For sure there are some dogs that have a life like that, but something is definitely going on there that is positive and can be a good example to follow. So now I want to apologize in public for my fake preconceptions.

You can see dogs by the sea:


And they ask for food from the tourists as every stray dog does at any part of the world:








Of course the best would be not to have stray dogs at all. But if there are, then it’s important to find how to live with them on a safe way.

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Back to life

It’s middle of February already and I hardly posted anything this year. Somehow I lost the control over my things, I felt that I’m working a lot without a hope that I can ever step forward. Two days ago I took a deep breath and decided to do everything with a different attitude to find myself again.   So I’m back :) And what did I do in the last couple of weeks which is connected to dogs? Let’ see…

We have a new group of disabled children at the same place where we are working already once a week. Five 6-8 years old really cute and social ones who are mad about the dogs – the real prove that they asked me to work with them too after they saw the others playing with Moss. We can help them to improve their communication skills, including speaking. So it’s a new field again for me to learn about, and the children are the best teachers themselves.
Last year I was invited to dog-dancing competitions as a judge and I had to let the organisers everytime that although I have experiences I am not an official dog-dance judge, I can work only with hobby classes. At the end of the year I had enough of this, and decided to put some energy to become an official judge. Participated a workshop in January, now I’ll be a shadow judge at some hundred competitions to get the certificate.
About the competitions: I don’t have big plans for this year. As I’m looking forward of a surgery to fix my shoulder this summer probably I will not be a frequent guest of disc dog fields. But as I have some hyperactive dogs and I’m also not the couch potato type, I will concentrate on trick dogging and dog-dancing (BTW I’m looking for videos about basics of Cuban rumba, could you help me?), and learn to throw with right hand. At the end something good will come out the fact that my left is kind of useless :)
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Human plans, cat decides

To live with pets is just like to live in a cartoon. Here is a great example that my ideas and their ideas can meet on a strange way. The bed is covered because I don’t like cat hair on the pillows and blankets:


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