Thinking of Florida

These pictures were taken 8 years ago. We’ve spent some days in Florida with disc dog friends, and we have a lot of funny, adventurous, moving memories from those days.

Our dogs playing with the waves on the Dog Beach.


Berian jumping from the balcony of the hotel (no picture, we were too busy to shoot at that moment).

Laughing at each other with Nora because accidentally we’ve dressed the same again.


Searching for gators and manatees all the time ang getting furious because locals said all the time that they are everywhere, and we haven’t seen any.


Receiving a coffee for free at a nice little restaurant because the owner is from Poland so we are almost siblings.

Realizing that the big brown bird walking through the parking area is not a chicken but a vulture.

Being amazed by nature all the time.


Making new friends on the beach explaining where on earth Hungary is (‘Oh, so you are from Hungary? So you are Dutch, aren’t you?’)

How long can a dog remember?

I stopped the engine front of a house and saw a big dog running towards my car. He was there in ten seconds and as I opened the door was jumping on me happily. I was a bit surprised but I don’t have any problems with too friendly Golden Retrievers so I just hugged him and tried to remove the dog hair from my eyes and mouth. As I looked up I saw a human with an other dog – as they came closer I saw that I know them for years, they live nearby an it was their normal daily walk. After greeting each other the girl explained that the big friendly dog is also with her. It’s the dog of a friend and she takes care of him while the family is abroad for a couple of weeks. We tried to talk about other things too but it was impossible because the huge dog was still happily jumping on me. The girl apologized and said ‘Teddy, stop it, and SIT’. And that was the moment I suddenly understood everything.

Left handers are cool

There was the International Left Handers Day last weekend. I`m deeply involved, and I needed some years to see that it can be even useful. Actually I`m lucky with my job from this point of view. Believe it or not, one of the best professions for a left hander is to be a dog trainer. Here are some proofs.

– Normally the dog is on your left. Everyone should learn this, except left handers. They can handle the leash easily from the very first moment.

– Try any dog sports, you`ll be the tricky one. At an agility contest you`ve got individual and new solutions by using a different hand at the obstacles. Disc dogging? Wow, you can throw EVEN with your left! Search and rescue? You’ll find the lost person first, because in the woods you’ll turn the opposite side than the others.

– As a judge you can fill a scoresheet and drink at the same time – have you ever checked on which side the drink holder hole is on a camping chair?

(S)nailed it

I’ve got some dog breeder friends. Sometimes they are complaining that they have really strange customers, some people think they can get a dog for free or they have stupid questions, etc. For a while I’ve been thinking that maybe they are impatient and tend to overreact things. But since I’ve got African Landsnails and sometimes I’ve got some for sale I see that they were right. People are strange. Here is a small collection of my everydays as a snail breeder.

– …and please pay attention, they start to lay eggs when they are about one year old. It means cca. 150 eggs.
– You mean, one snail will lay 150 eggs?
– Yes.
– Wow, then you must be RICH!

– Hello, I’m looking for Giant Snails and as I see you’ve got some for sale. Tell me, how big is an adult one?
– The biggest that I’ve got at the moment is more than half of a kilo and the shell is 15 cm long.
– Oh… I’m looking for something that is really big, not as small as yours.
– …

Get the wheels turning

It’s all because of Facebook. Some years ago there was a game: you receive a number from a friend and you have to share as many secrets or fun facts about yourself as the number says. I’ve received 10 (thx Sven). Last year this post appeared as a FB memory on my wall and I found it funny enough to re-share it. Thanks to this everyone realized that I’ve never ridden a bicycle. It was in November but since that I was listening to comments about this all the time – so suddenly I thought: why not?
OK, I’m in a delay about 35 years, but bicycle is a human invention for humans, I’m a human, so there is no reason not to believe that I can learn it.

Fortunately I live in a perfect place with a long yard, so I could start it at home alone without spectators and helpers. Well, not exactly. There are some who are always ready to help.

‘Hi, do you want to go somewhere?’


‘Forget it’